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Recorded/mixed/mastered in a special place over the course of two years by John Molfetas

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released October 31, 2014

Bryan Kopchak - Guitar/Vox
Greg Foerste - Bass/Vox
Clayton Chan - Tenor sax
T.J. Stevenson - Drums/Vox

Jeff Butta played Trumpet on Slug, Oh Good!, and Sleven
Chris Postlewaite screamed fuck on Two Cats
John Molfetas also did vocals on Two Cats



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Our Daily Fix Monroe, New York


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Track Name: Slug
Every slug in this gun will one day slither in,
With all the drugs I took in place of friends.
I'm sorry if I hurt you along the way.
I'm just clawing at the walls of a familiar place.

I had a dream about the end of the world,
And everyone died but me,
And when I woke up so tiredly I was still dreaming.
You had a dream about the end of the world,
And everyone died but me,
And when you woke up right next to me, you were still breathing.

And I can't even say I don't affiliate with some jealousy society,
Greed is alive and inside of me and it's still eating.
Track Name: Lagwig
We don't make any sense anymore
We just say what comes to mind
We are stupid
We ignore
Trying to make heads or tails of symbols and signs

Getting sick and tired of having conversations with ourselves
We're a hazard to our health

We don't need a lover
We just need a new addiction
We are tired
We are bored
Designate distinction between fiction and non-fiction

Getting sick and tired of having conversations with ourselves
We're a hazard to our health

If only you would denounce these arms of arrogance
You would find these words as the blood in your veins

I have
found the
words to
show you

(Listen to me when I say)
We sat down reading through old note books
Nothing's changed in the past ten years, except our looks

Mechanical thrusting is no longer an activity
Chew this slowly. Bitter teeth for bitter old men

Pink girl, pink girl, playing dress-up again I see
Blue boy, blue boy, how fast is your car tonight?
Have Faith!
Track Name: Mom Genes
When mother said
Go to bed
I never did
Go to bed

And I never did
I always stayed up
playing games
with the night, with the night, with the night, with the night

I'm sorry I couldn't fall asleep last night
but life was happening in glorious 8-bit

I'm finding myself in the midst of all of this

Man I'd never fall into your arms again
I love you, but now I am
What I'd like to call a -

Softly, as a mother's voice should carry
warning, ironically
Track Name: Rockwell, Norman
Her hair is everywhere
is over here and under there
That's fair (I)
I dont care I
Am prepared for
Love is rare

When all you have is gravel
What you see don't match the paintings on the walls
We're all rough around the edges, after all

We find ourselves adhesive
to ties that make it easy
We burn bridges with book matches
and we wait for them to fall

You know this place ain't clean
When your feet stick to the floor
Just give them what they want
And don't come back for more

I've been thinking
and not enough for my own good
I put my heart
In front of my foot

At least I know how to tie my shoes
The things life I cannot choose
At least I have a fancy car
And I wonder how I got this far
Track Name: Billy
Changing colors to fit the mood
I'm in the red cause I'm bird food
A traffic cone for a megaphone
We use our hands to muffle tones

Maybe we won't just be friends
Kickin' it with the kids
Typical livin' in
Baby you know we're gonna die
Paint the town all red
Make up your own dance

Lately teacher's been a bitch
Sweater makes me itch
Filthy stinkin' rich

The good ol' rocking chair
Billy missed the fair
At least he touched your hair

Chasing shadows that aren't my own
It's in my head cause I'm all alone
I made a friend and hes just like me
We watch cartoons on the TV
Track Name: Sleven
Everybody's here for somebody else tonight
And if they ain't gonna fuck, then they're probably gonna start a fight
And you can find me in the back of this scene drinking by myself
So in the spirit of my failing health, won't you talk to me?

Oh no! He's got dirt in his nails
And time never fails to go slow
And all it takes is one choke hold and he's pinned again
He's callin' pigs to the pen, Jelly Roll!

And it's in these moments that I'm not afraid
For what brought me always wants me to stay
And of course I have been altering my mind
It helps me watch the universe unwind

May your body be one with the earth
So you can
Show me
Show me
My way around the cemetary
Track Name: Two Cats
I'm driving home from work
And I'm giving you a call
You are my best friend
And I can't wait to spill it all
Just like the salt on the table
At the diner, when it's five or six in the morning
And they say that it's bad luck
But I never gave a fuck!

Two cats, one house, fight to the death!
What do we do with no mouse?
Don't ask, don't tell

Call the dealer
Start the hyundai
I've got fives on
Ice Cream Sunday

Fuck with Cats
Just for fun
What have we done?
For domestication?

So don't think that I forgot about your birthday
You are my favorite son
And I'm not supposed to play favorites
But you're the only one